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About Us
The society has started a school in the year 1992 under the name Dayanand Saraswati School   for the children of the weaker section of the society. The school has been recognized in the year 1995 and is now being run upto Standard 10th .The society generated awareness in the BPL people regarding female child education and persuaded them to send the girl to school. The organization also made endeavors in the direction child marriage and brought many girls to the school.

The first grant –in –aid received by the society was from Central Board of Social Welfare for the year 1999-2000. In this project  the society conducted  a one year non-residential  course for 25 adult  women for Sec/ Matrive/ Equivalent Examination .The project was also conducted during the next two  year 2001 for which  grant was received respectively. In this way the society imparted adult education to75 women.The organization conducted ‘ Mahila  Jagrukta  Shivirs ‘ for the poor and rural women in the year 2003-2004.In  this program approximately 300 rural women were given general awareness information regarding health , hygiene ,sanitation  AIDS another relevant issues and were persuaded to adopt  them is their daily life. Similar camps were also organized during the next year in which around 1000 women participated and benefited.

In the field of promotion of art and culture the society with the aid of Ministry of Culture, GOI gave financial assistance under the ‘Scheme of financial Assistance for promotion and dissemination of tribal/ ??Folk art and culture ‘ in the  year 2005-06, Further in this direction the organization made efforts to provide to the talented artists with the necessary equipments for the promotion of their art and to preserve the traditional/flok art. This was done under the Scheme to Building/ Equipment grant to / Voluntary Culture   Organization ‘ of Ministry of Culture ,GOI.

Taking a further step in the field of education to the under privileged,BPL urban poor especially to those children who are forced to work for earning a living for themselves,  the organization undertook the project under the Scheme   for the welfare of working children in need of care and protection Sponsored by ministry of Social Justice &  Employment  to start and operate Composite  centre   for 100 working children. In this project the organization  is providing bridge education, vocational education, mid meal etc, to children in difficult circumstance in the age group 8-17 years.

The society has also been awarded a project under STEP (Scheme  of Support to Training and Employment Program for women) by the Ministry  of Women & Child Development  for the period  of three years beginning from 2005-06.The organization is poised to train 540  women under this project and to provide them opportunities  for gainful employment.

Surmounting a series of obstacles and problems the organization has organized training programs in various crafts and organizing them so that they can command bargaining power in the competitive market. The  various crafts in which training and employment  generation programs have been organized are candle making , agarbatti  making jute handicraft such as  ;jute, jhoola ,bags, tea casters etc, stitching zari zardozi , batik printing tie & die  printing kamalkari  toy making ,other artistic materials such as wall hangings etc, screen printing broom making handloom weaving and many more .
The  artisans surged  ahead  towards formal  group formations ,which identified their needs and objectives .They prioritized them, developed the  confidence with the willingness to work .Through these exercise ,they  extended and developed co-operatives and collaborative attitudes and practices within the group.

A marketing centre has also been developed to exhibit the products of these artisans and to provide them a platform to market their produce.

The organization possesses assets worth of approximate in the shape of furniture, fixtures and machinery. In future form continuing its present activities the organization apart  is striving for the formation of SHGs and converting them into cooperatives & federations, providing micro- credit and availability of institutional finance available to these SHGs/Cooperatives for letting them undertake self reliant production and marketing activities which in turn will lead to increase   in their  earnings, Mobilization of these craftsman to  gainful employment generation is the immediate  target of the organization.

Further the issues like health, hygiene, AIDS  awareness, women empowerment, education including adult  education  developments  of Handicraft artisans  by giving them training for use of scientific and innovative  techniques , liking them to marketing agencies and ensuring them consistent gainful employment are the top of the agenda  of the organization.

Apart from the above the society is also undertaken the following activities/ project :-
  • AIDS Awareness creation camps
  • Nasha Mukti Camps
  • Water Conservation Awareness creation.
  • Consumer Protection and awareness
The organization has tried its level best to bring on the limelight the women empowerment and bring self- confidence in them. The society is well known   with its active member we are always ready  for any work .If  any aid were given to these members, definitely there would be  a big scope for them to continue with their efforts to  achieve their goals. The relentless efforts and endeavors will continue amidst these people of Bhopal, brining all their dreams to realities.