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Major Objectives
For quenching  its developmental quest, the organization strives to achieve and to intervene following major objectives :

  • Facilitate the social and economic development of the deprived sections in rural areas with special emphasis on the dalits, the scheduled tribes, women, minorities and the depressed backward classes
  • Imbibe & inclucate awareness amongst them for physical, social, economic, legal instruments & to induce an attitude of meaningful & constructive action on their part
  • Enabling and facilitating empowerment for target population through organizing them as self-defining groups with a strong sense of self-identity and with capacities to act as a pressure group.
  • Promote gender equity
  • Fostering conditions for enhanced access of target group to services and entitlements from the governments
  • Utilise all the project based interventions as an opportunity for affecting policy level choices at the government level
  • Network with all like minded groups committed to the cause of empowerment of the poor through people’s action
  • To ensure human rights of its target group
  • To promote pro-poor governance
  • To strengthen the disaster coping mechanisms of the targeted communities