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Programs & Activities
  • Training and Capacity building and reviving traditional knowledge to make people economically empowered
  • Health Education and promotion of primary health care with an emphasis on reproductive & child health, Water, Sanitation & hygiene
  • Non formal education & adult education with a focus on socially relevant education & an equal opportunity of participation for the girl child
  • Training & capacity building of traditional skills & synergizing indigenous skills
  • Income Generation with emphasis on facilitating control over & access to land & water based productive resources, ensuring just wages, enabling access to governmental employment generation programmes. Additionally promote complementary income generating initiatives through thrift and credit initiatives
  • Legal Assistance and Education
  • Environmental Awareness & mobilization on the ecologically sensitive issues of the project area
  • Capacity Building of Organizational Staff
  • Training of social animators and community level leaders
  • Training of Panchayti Raj Institutions
  • Awareness on Aids and other epidemic
  • Awareness on eradication of Leprosy, TB and Malaria
  • Active participation in Polio Eradication campaigns
  • Awareness to stop female infenticide
  • Awareness against dowry evil
  • Rehabilitation of child labour
  • Consciousness raising on relief & rehabilitation related issues coupled with carrying out relief & rehabilitative interventions & running pilots on disaster preparedness
  • Publication of newsletter & information dissemination through thematic publications on issues of relevance to the development of the marginalized
  • Community organisation is the key activity in organisation’s scheme of development
  • Environmental improvement
  • Encouraging Sanitation
  • Afforestation for curbing down pollution